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Last updated on January 19th, 2019. There is no official drop rate percentage for decorations, but more often than not you are granted a decoration at the end of an investigation. Maybe. This renders the pinned Elder Melder topic obsolete, and confirms that there are different drop rates for different jewels within the same rarity tier. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has finally released on PC after a long 3 month wait. M onster Hunter always had various hidden mechanics regarding how attack is determined, the percentage of drops and much more. This is what this List is missingCooling jewel 2Resistor/Attack jewel 4Resistor/Evasion jewel 4Resistor/Handicraft jewel 4Resistor/Release jewel 4Can you verify these jewels on your list?Critical 4 - Doesn't seem to existFooting Jewel 4 - not sureStealth/Evasion 4 - Doens't seem to existWarming Jewel 2 - Not sure. English Official Twitter Posting On September 07, 2019 When found in quests, Capcom has released the following official information about drop rates: Each decoration will fall under a tier consisting of: C , B , A , S with C being the most common and S being the most rare. Is it possible to get another expert jewel 4 or do you only get the one they gave you for free? MHW Iceborne Monster Mantles – How to Get How to get mantles from monsters? The below decorations are all those that have been found through data mined information, but not enabled in game at time of posting. This mod adjust the decoration drop rate of MHWorld to make the hard to get ones by default drop more and the trash ones drop less. I suppose this helps explain why I've only ever gotten one Handicraft Jewel in over 500 hours of playtime. For MR, best Decoration farming is The Wrath of the Thunder Descends and/or lvl 3 Tempered Investigations. After spending 1k+ hours on the console version just to have 7 attack boost decos, and manage to find the drop rate table in the PC version, I decided to release this mod to make farming for decos, more fair. [CDATA[ Challenger+ deco is where it's at though. well, get like 5 critical jewel but only have 1 attack jewel that was given by login.. Hey the Coalescence "Phoenix Jewel 3" is actually require level 3 slot. Decorations can only be obtained by completing high rank quests or by using the melding pot. So it seems like we might have a complete list of every Level 4 Decoration in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Consider using "adjusted decoration drop rate" mod ... European and NA players defend this scarce drop rate w/o even consideration how it's the first game of the series launched in the West and how the authors didn't adjust anything specifically for the new auditory and its mentality. //]]> Decorations in Monster Hunter World (MHW) can be placed into Weapons and Armor to gain or enhance Skills. 69 votes, 16 comments. Would LOVE handicraft/attack to be this way. Completing investigation unlocks decoration and in MHW Iceborn you will find more of these. The game released on consoles back in September, 2019, and … 0.65%: 0.41%: Dragon Res Jewel+ 4 Mango. I'm confused. All of them give no bonuses to your skill level, they are only meant to limit what type of decorations/skills you can use in a weapon/armor slot, but higher level decoration slots allow you to also use lower level decorations. Pics of : Decorations Mhw Spreadsheet. Decoration Drop Rates\ Farming Methods (Monster Hunter World) (Table made by MuskratTuck) (Table by 28 Games Later) So your goal here is to point out which gem you are looking for and figure out the best method to farm it. Players can find special icons denoting the slot level available for each equipment piece: Decorations are divided into 4 levels: Level 1 window.__mirage2 = {petok:"d394b93bb5862d3b4aa4f700e7120efdfb0b8b85-1610410519-1800"}; So Attack Boost is tied for 2nd rarest decoration drop at 0.3% as its best rate. You have it listed as lvl 4. Bow Charge Plus Effect. Monster Hunter World players looking to acquire decorations (jewels) in the rarity 7 and 8 ranks might want to focus on different investigations for better drop … Nameless King. + The good ones. Regardless of whether this is the true final list or not, its a lot of decos. Hex’s Adjusted Decoration Drop Rate. My amateur translation of the tables there The site is the original source of all level 4 decorations. Copyright © 2021 Robin Scott. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Log in to view your list of favourite games. Recently Capcom has published miniature guide books explaining these various hidden mechanics that affect players. I was playing with my brother, who's got 400+ hours into the game. Why do people still strive for max attack if the bonus is just 20+ damage on 1700 damage weapons?I could understand +4 (5% affinity bonus) but why waste a +4 deco slot for this? Honestly a normal day I would’ve called that list to long, but hey nothin better to do. According to Monster Hunter Japanese Official, there is a jewel drop rate issue with First Wyverian Ritual.They are planning to fix the issue in the coming update. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Decoration drop rates in Iceborne are absolutely horrid because of the amount of combo decorations, many which are utterly useless and only really kept because one half you'd slot it anyway or as melder fodder. #2. First decoration I go from Mud Skippy dude, mysterious fey stone, turned into Tenderizer 2. Visit her for Warped Streamstoned, but this requires high commendations and research point. Decorations in MHW. This table is sorted alphabetically, click the header to sort by column. Slot level, for example, doesn't sort up or down properly. Below is a list of Decorations found in MHW, and the chance to drop from specific Feystones. I've made a decorations checklist on Google spreadsheets for all 401 decos, it will tell you how many of each needed to max every skill aswell as the % chance of a deco to drop from each Feystone, make a copy to be able to edit it yourself, also let me know if there's any I've missed. Event quests also tend to grant decorations upon completion, although this investigations and event quest method is definitely not the most optimal way to farm decorations. These can be obtained in a number of ways, including clearing main story quests and crafting them in the elder melder’s pot. MHW Decorations Drop Rate Table — Feystone Appraisal I had just started. Im begging someone please update this list, no drop listings for MR decos is driving me insane. //

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