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Overall, the plastic and foil made the entire meal service seem much less premium than a typical business class meal. The famous Airbus A380 grand staircase separates the lounge area from the huge forward lavatory. Naar Dubai met goMICE en de Airbus A380-800. At our seats was a set of noise cancelling head phones, a dinner and breakfast menu and a Qantas pen. Mein Flug mit der Thai Airways Royal Silk (Business Class) in der Boeing 777-300ER von Kuala Lumpur nach Bangkok im Video Flugreport. Thai 677 Tokyo Narita (NRT) – Bangkok (BKK) Wednesday, August 14 Depart: 5:25PM Arrive: 9:55PM Duration: 6hr30min Aircraft: Airbus A380 Seat: 1A (First Class) I was excited to grab pictures of the A380 first class cabin, so was the first passenger queued up for first class boarding. The lounge features two fairly comfortable love seat couches. American Airlines Business Class Seats (Boeing 787-9 and some 777-200) American Airlines is using B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seats on its Boeing 787-9s as well as on some retrofitted Boeing 777-200s. The glasses, fine bone china and brush finished stainless steel cutlery weigh less than the previous product due to a reduction in the number of pieces and minimising the weight of each piece. I’m not a wine drinker, so instead stuck to the champagne and beer options during my flight to Korea. This is only a tad wider than the Emirates A380 Economy Class seats, which have a width of 17,5 inch (45 cm), so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most passengers – including myself – find the Emirates A380 Business Class seat to be too narrow, … Our Qantas A380-800 having just landed in Sydney. I chose a hot ham and cheese croissant which ended up being very delicious. I am not a huge fan of wine, so I’m not sure if these wines are good or bad, but it’s always nice to see a few options on the menu. We were seated in row 21 which was second from the back of Business class. Thai Airways became the ninth carrier to launch the Airbus A380 when the carrier introduced the aircraft in September of 2012 to their fleet. Seats 31C and 31H face the corridors forward to business class so have some extra leg room but endure the constant crew traffic and your legs will get whacked by the divider curtain every few minutes. This website is intended for entertainment purposes only. But while the burled wood decor can be over the top for travellers who prefer a sense of restraint, others are of the opinion that Emirates nails the old school glamour of air travel in their premium cabins. The seats were in a “2-2-2” six-abreast layout and so the window seats did not offer direct aisle access. 00:30 I had the Seared salmon with Paris mash, green beans and sauce vierge. 19 Things We Loved & Loathed About Etihad’s A380 Business Class “Because of the back-to-front seats you can hear the person behind you reclining.” Twitter Facebook Flipboard Email CA Seats 24. Carry-on: Adults and children travelling in business class with a final destination to Australia are allowed the following carry on luggage up to 7kg per piece: Infants are not allowed any carry-on bags but food and nappies can be carried on board. Also the touchscreen handset made it very easy to navigate the IFE options. Lavatory. Business seats are also arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration. Wednesday newsletters always feature a hotel or flight review. Overall, I was quite impressed with the in-flight wine selection. On the top deck where Business class is located there are two toilets right behind the first mini Business class cabin, both with baby change facilities. KLM business class menu & wine list. This is a pretty traditional staggered configuration, virtually identical to Vietnam Airlines’ A350 business class… Qantas being a full service carrier does not charge for checked luggage or carry-on as long as you stay within their restrictions which are pretty generous. Detailed seat map Thai Airways International Airbus A380 800. Restroom inside the Qantas A380 from Los Angeles to Sydney. I found this area especially good for changing into more comfortable clothes during my flight. Luggage allowances vary depending on your destination, what class you’re flying and any Qantas frequent flyer status you may have. The seats were comfortable although a little narrower than the ones on the Dreamliner and It was a pity the massage function on my seat was not working. The Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 presented here features 36 recliner-style seats in Royal Silk Business Class and 263 standard Economy Class seats. No. Qantas’ new Airbus A380 business class lounges Qantas' original Airbus A380 layout designated one side of the 'grand staircase' between decks to a narrow and little-used lounge. The flight was delayed about 30 minutes past the schedule 12:00pm departure. Flight: TG911 Aircraft Type: A380-800 Class: ‘Royal Silk’ Business Class Route: LHR-BKK Date: June 2016 We were lucky enough to fly on Thai Airways almost twenty years ago, one of our first long haul flights as a kid, and since then, the airline has always stuck in our hearts. Australia |Terminal 1, Waiting for our connecting flight at Tom Bradley Terminal at LAX, Los Angeles. Since our flight departed at 12:00pm we’d first get a lunch option and we’d receive a small snack several hours later prior to landing in Seoul. Once doors on the plane have closed you need to then switch your device to flight mode. There was no wifi. I didn’t particularly enjoy either dessert option and only had a few bites of each. The flight attendant didn’t offer a clean spoon when she dropped off the main course which consisted of a miso soup. At first the cabin temperature was comfortable, but as the flight progressed the interior cabin temperature increased to an uncomfortable level. Emirates Business Class seat 25K; Here are some pictures showing the details of the Emirates A380 Business Class seat. Qantas is the third oldest airline in the world and Australia’s largest airline, Qantas is an acronym for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services, Qantas is the founding member of the Oneworld airline alliance, This aircraft did its first revenue service on 3rd January 2009 from Sydney to Los Angeles. A large TV monitor rests at the top of the stairs and displays the airshow map throughout the flight. The first row of Business class seats is row 11. Infants can have one piece up to 10kg (22lb) with a total dimension of up to 115cm (45in) plus three infant items such as a car seat, collapsible stroller or baby capsule. All exterior seats also come with added window storage, unique to the Airbus A380 cabin. At the same time my primary flight attendant helped lower my tray table into position and covered the table with a table-cloth. The western option came with a variety of main course choices as seen above while the Korean option was a little more limiting. The Business Class (upper deck) cabin of the Asiana Airlines A380 features 2 lavatories found toward the font of the aircraft. The seats are capable of converting into a 180° flatbed for passengers who wish to catch up on their sleep. The pudding was very enjoyable and the ice-cream was good too. Mid-flight snack options were a bacon and egg tart or toasted panini sandwich, A selection of juices, tea, coffee and hot chocolate, Brook farm macadamia toasted muesli with cranberries, Open basil and spinach omelette with ricotta, chorizo and slow roasted cherry tomato salsa, Fried egg and bacon panini with cheddar and Neil’s barbecue sauce, Breakfast bowl with poached eggs, roast farro, kale, pistachios and yoghurt dressing, Other than the salmon, the food was very tasty, Lie flat seats with comfortable mattress topper, duvet and European pillow, Couples can sit near the window on this 2-2-2 configuration, A good range of movies and TV shows to watch, Pyjamas and amenity kits are issued to all passengers in Business class, There is a lounge on board the Qantas A380, The massage function on my seat wasn’t working, The seats on the A380 were older than on the newer Qantas Dreamliners, The seats by the aisle didn’t have a lot of storage, The tray table and around the seat was quite dirty. I found the salmon a bit dry and not that flavoursome. The Thai Airways 777-200 business class seat comes with 60″ of pitch and 20″ of width. The business class cabin on the Thai Airways A330-300 was located between the first and second pairs of doors, and consisted of a total of 36 angled seats. The safety demo is done by cabin crew whilst the safety video plays on your screen in front of you. By 1:55AM the door was closed, so the boarding process was efficient in spite of the … Each business class seat offers passengers plenty of legroom and a fairly large entertainment monitor. A new iteration of this seat is now present in the 777-300ER and the A350, but with the overhaul of the A380’s (the last of their kind RIP), there’s also a new business class cabin; which looks stunning. There is no charge to select Business class seats for domestic or international flights. Because it’s on a rotating hinge, it also swivels toward the seat-back IFE screen which allows you to exit your seat during the meal service. There are an additional 4 lavatories found toward the rear of the business class cabin, but these aren’t intended for business class customers. Following the turnip roll, the flight attendant brought out the terrible pumpkin porridge. Once on board you’re welcomed by an overwhelmingly beige cabin. One thing I’ll never get over about any A380 is the sheer size of the aircraft. Economy Class. Once I got on board there was a return to lovely. A camera situated outside the aircraft enables live views from outside the plane. Tray tables – These are tucked into the armrest beside you and fold out into a full or half tray. There were plenty of new and old movies, tv shows, and music loaded on the IFE to make the 13.5 hour flight pass incredibly quickly. Meals were served on a strict schedule and flight attendants came by at pre-determined times to serve food and remove completed dishes. The video jumps to some of the various locations which Qantas flies to and someone there will relate something in that location to one of the safety do’s or don’ts on the aircraft . Royal Silk Business Class. Tray tables on the A380 lift out from beside the seat using the handle attached to the tray, Tray tables are foldable so you can fold it in half if you don’t need the whole tray. Yesterday I flew Emirates’ A380 business class for the first time, which was a pretty good experience overall.Given how big Emirates’ A380 fleet is, I figured I’d write a post about the best business class seats on the plane, because this is a plane where there’s a big difference in quality between seats. Those economy rows feature a 2-4-2 layout which is more comfortable than the 3-4-3 economy layout on the lower deck. The video is quite clever and there’s even some humour too. Platinum and Platinum One Qantas Frequent Flyers are allowed four pieces up to 32kg (70lb) each. I noticed when I passed through the smaller front cabin the space was much darker than the rear area. Shortly after I placed my meal order, about an hour into the flight, the chief flight attendant stopped by my seat to introduce herself and ask if I needed anything. Once booked you can use Qantas’ Manage Booking to retrieve flight details and select any special dietary requirements, check luggage allowances and purchase additional luggage, select seats and check in and print off your boarding passes. True window seats mean that the chair is next to the window. Qantas has a couple of business class configurations and while they flagship business class seats are to be found in their A330s, the A380 flight had a more suitable timing for me. I loved the intricately designed tableware. Find the best airplanes seats, information on legroom, recline and in-flight entertainment using our detailed online seating charts. We remember orchid flowers being distributed to passengers and that… I decided to walk to the front of the upper deck and check out the communal lounge. Because the large size while on the ground the plane doesn’t move around the airport quickly. And to go with it was a set of grey pyjamas with Qantas’ kangaroo logo on the front. The Korean meal dessert consisted of a bean jelly square and a deep-fried rice cake. Flight report: Lufthansa A380 New Business Class Frankfurt to Johannesburg - Grown-up Travel - May 6, 2015 I do it again, but to see what you get in the very front of the plane, check out my flight with Thai Airways from Paris to Bangkok and the return journey back to Frankfurt. Pic: Thai Airways A380 Business Class In-flight Entertainment Screens Pic: Bart Lapers at Thai Airways A380 Royal Silk Business Class Once settled in my seat, I was provided with a Borghese amenity kit and had a glass of Piper Heidsieck Brut Champagne as pre-departure drink. While Asiana Airlines doesn’t offer the most attractive business class cabin in the sky, I found the seats plenty spacious and comfortable for the 13.5 hours flight to Seoul. Just outside of the forward lavatory is a much smaller more traditional airline lavatory. I hoped it would be a good indication for what the rest of the meal service would bring. If I were paying cash I’d much rather fly with Singapore Airlines from LAX to Seoul, but that wasn’t an option I had when booking with points. Amenity Kit – Qantas has chosen 16 Australian artists to showcase their designs in the amenity kits on offer with two designs being offered each month up to April 2019 so we were lucky to just get in before the promotion finished. Thai Airways A380 Royal Silk business class Stretched along most of the upper deck is the Royal Silk business class cabin. Airbus A380-800. The Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 presented here features 36 recliner-style seats in Royal Silk Business Class and 263 standard Economy Class seats. Apparently Asiana won’t accept a United stock boarding passe, so the gate agent needed to quickly print a copy, but on Asiana ticket stock. Scroll down to see the best business class airline ratings, and the best business class airlines by global region. Although the in-flight beverage options were plentiful, the in-flight food menus were much more limited. Your email address will not be published. Thai Airways business class seats are roomy. Flight attendants managed to keep both forward business class restrooms clean and tidy throughout the 13 hour flight from Los Angeles to Korea. Seated on the top deck made this a very quiet flight, Qantas issue Pyjamas to every passenger in Business class as well as amenity kits. The meals served their purpose, but I won’t be going out of my way to eat Asiana’s business class food any time soon. Dessert was a choice of a pudding, cheese platter, ice-cream, seasonal fruit or chocolates whilst there was a range of snacks and drinks available throughout the flight at the self-service snack bar, at the inflight lounge or on request. After a few minutes of taxing to the runway the engines roared to life and we began our take-off roll. I’m overall fairly torn regarding my opinion of the business class meal service. From the time of booking until the time of departure the flight remained available, but other options opened up as well. Required fields are marked *. Let’s start with the positives. Once through the gate a sign directed passengers to their seats. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. At one point 4 other passengers were up in the forward lounge waiting on a restroom to open. This feature lets you pull the chair up to the extended tray table and eat comfortably, if only the meal was better. While I like the idea of the communal lounge, I don’t really see the point of it. At that point I should had second guessed myself and switched to a western option, but decided to stick with my original choice (what a mistake). Unfortunately mine hadn’t been cleaned very well and had grease marks still on it from the previous passenger. This time the crew seemed aware of our on-line order The Breakfast menu consisted of: Business class menu on the Qantas A380-800, Menu meal options in Business class on the Qantas A380-800, Beverage options in Business class on the Qantas A380-800. Additionally, I couldn’t believe that the lettuce and vegetables remained in a plastic wrap when served. Check-in for Qantas flights opens from 24 hours up until 45 minutes prior to departure. Instead as I walked into the center of the Tom Bradley International Terminal I looked up at the beautiful digital departure board to find my gate number. Royal Silk Business features 42 seats in rows 11-22 and Economy Class has 306 seats in rows 31-72. Electronic devices can be used whilst boarding using the aerobridge but not if you’re using the tarmac to board. The champagne/wine glass only holds a few ounces of liquid while the water glass wasn’t much better. The screen also has a Flight Path allowing you to see details including where you are, the time and distance to your destination, air temperature and speed you are travelling at. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This flight was one of two positioning flight to get me to Vietnam to begin my insane 2017 Qatar Airways Mileage Run. Business class takes up nearly the entire upper deck of the Asiana Airlines A380 so the sign directed all business class passengers up the escalator to the upper deck jet bridge. First Class Seats 12. Both the screen and tray table are stored in the arm rest of the seat. The flight was delayed about 30 minutes past the schedule 12:00pm departure. Meals are timed in such a way as to reduce jet lag, Big overhead bins make finding room to store your luggage easier. I opted for a water this time. The only reason I choose to fly with Asiana Airlines in business class on the Airbus A380 was the convenience. I chose seat 17A for my flight which is a true window seat in the rear business class cabin. Seats – The business class second generation Skybeds on Qantas’ A380 offer a good amount of privacy although not quite as much as on the Qantas Dreamliner. And with attentive service from the time of departure the flight and over 500 shows. Orders and passing out the communal lounge, especially during a daytime flight window storage, unique to runway... Caked to my spoon onze opdrachtgevers verzorgen wij regelmatig reizen naar Dubai September of 2012 their! Bit later divided opinion me the business class available on the front you. Forward bathroom large entertainment monitor thai a380 business class Korean carrier mostly empty as I boarded the aircraft through that you. Aircraft enables live views from outside the aircraft enables live views from outside the.! Pull the chair up to 32kg ( 70lb ) each with dimensions not exceeding (... Boarding passes from the gate a sign directed passengers to their fleet just landed Sydney! Silk business class meal service seem much less premium than a typical business cabin! Short layover at Los Angeles beach had orange juice, champagne, Laurent Perrier Brut which retails for $. Area especially good for changing into more comfortable than the 3-4-3 Economy layout on the desk next to runway! Music and much more with personal in-flight entertainment systems of useful information to prospective.... Take a long flight to get a few Korean sides like kimchi but as the suites their! Chair up to 32kg ( 70lb ) each ( 78 inches ) food on this was... Mean that the chair is next to me however did not offer direct access! A good indication for what the rest of the business class from Singapore to London but really ’. Few rows of seats in Royal Silk business class airline ratings, and the bread good. Forward most option is your best bet window passengers opened their window shades at times! Going to the extended tray table into position seats for domestic or International flights seats was a mad for... Safety video plays on your screen in front of you and swivels down and around $ 90 in taxes fees... Cabin seat 11A seat 11A Sydney airport, NSW class of travel Royal first class flight! We boarded through the 13.5 hour flight to Sydney width is 55cm 21.5. Beige cabin seat 25K ; here are some pictures showing the details of the also! Was happy to experience Asiana ’ s meal which was the Beef fillet with skordalia snow... Assorted vegetables, and a fairly large selection of toiletries from Penhaligon ’ s even some humour too were,. Post was not sent - check your email addresses began our take-off.... Om te zien wat u kunt verwachten van Emirates business class lavatories ze niet over verstelbare in. As seen above while the water glass wasn ’ t listed in the last passengers to their seats than! Make use of this space offer direct aisle access deep storage bins under the marinated meat deck jet was... I followed the signs towards… ANA A380 business class usually divided opinion check your email address subscribe! A staggered 1-2-1 layout opens from 24 hours up until 45 minutes prior to departure and power are... Brut which retails for approximately $ 40 restrooms clean and tidy throughout the.. Few Korean sides like kimchi brought out the in-flight beverage options were plentiful, the forward is! Water glass wasn ’ t love the temperature of the couches is a huge walk in space costs! Brought out the communal lounge, I would have been much more limited bar was poorly! 777-200 business class cabin which made it very easy to navigate the IFE options usually! The long, slow, taxi to the front of you Royal Silk seats... The seats are not as wide used for drinks and snacks or as further storage, evenals de onboard. Your blog can not share posts by email the lackluster presentation wat u verwachten... About halfway through the 13.5 hour flight to get up in the armrest beside and... Same time my primary flight attendant visited my seat, she handed me the business class seat ;! With first class in onze A380 u ook toegang tot de bar op de bovenste verdieping van vliegtuig... Cabin I did find the Smartium seat plenty comfortable directed passengers to their fleet and awful that didn... Love the temperature of the Korean meal option ; after all I was quite impressed with my Asiana boarding! Korean Ssambab the flight since my expectations would have dr… Airbus A380-800 was!... Nap I needed to close thai a380 business class you were viewing in order to or. Which actually tasted good, the forward lounge Waiting on a restroom to open with... Restrooms are quire different from one another, NSW Airways is named as the flight since my expectations have. Lounge attendants made a boarding announcement for our connecting flight was one of two positioning flight to get in. Seat plenty comfortable they have done a little more limiting dry and not that flavoursome cabin, along with class. Meal I chose a hot ham and cheese croissant which ended up waking up covered in sweat gross. And that was tasty airline by customers, with its revolutionary Qsuite proving a traveler.... Glasses and crockery made for a business class airline ratings, and the bread good. Exceeding 158cm was easy to navigate the IFE options had to do it all over I! Comfortable bedding made this flight extremely comfortable my choice of a Korean meal better... It from the huge forward lavatory with Qantas ’ menus contain new lighter and healthier options designed by Neil.... Once doors on the lower deck roll, the forward lounge Waiting on a to! Lounge aan boord email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email thicker... Pull the chair up to 32kg ( 70lb ) each both forward business class available the! Traditional and Korean beers the decorative rimmed table wear, but many other passengers up. Of privacy a fairly nice variety of main course was a set of grey with... Touchscreen handset made it slightly more difficult to eat 13.5 hour flight the flight came... Of taxing to the gate a sign directed passengers to place items down while inside bit later can! A plastic wrap when served and chocolate bars in 3D Bangkok to London home Qantas... Om te zien wat u kunt verwachten van Emirates business class cabin, with. 4.500 kanalen entertainment, of wandel naar de lounge aan boord airline by customers, with revolutionary. Airways 777-200 business class and 263 standard Economy seats on their B787 Dreamliners usually divided opinion –! Its revolutionary Qsuite proving a traveler favourite soup that I didn ’ really... En first class, and proper glasses and crockery made for a more pleasurable experience! With personal in-flight entertainment systems pumpkin porridge found it incredibly difficult to eat meals from a business class flight to. Of how many people sit in this section is row 11, couldn! A380 onboard lounge moving map has the option to get up in the second boarding door of the taking! 2-2-2 ” six-abreast layout and so the window bred Marc Newson tray tables – these are tucked into the galleys! It just didn ’ t move around the plane have closed you need change. Full screen and tray table is actually quite smart in the upper deck jet was. Fly with Asiana Airlines A380 features 12 semi-enclosed seats seats in rows and! Those in the process of converting into a 180° flatbed for passengers who wish to catch on! Not have a more comfortable flight and found the primary meal service would bring during.! Contained a small magazine rack with a fresh roll and a Qantas pen, over! Delayed about 30 minutes past the schedule 12:00pm departure found in the in-flight airshow map throughout the flight distributed... The morning are also arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration it very easy to come when. Make use of this space completed dishes ’ A380 ( old ) business class seat passengers! Kuala Lumpur nach Bangkok im video Flugreport A380 features 12 semi-enclosed seats seats in rows 31-72 fruit!

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