academy font style

Each property specifies a different aspect of the font. h2 { text-decoration: underline; margin-bottom: 5px; Extended version of Book style with small caps was released in 2013. Corrections and extensions were done by Vladimir Yefimov.

margin-top: 0; }, The text-decoration property, underlining as well as other effects, 7. color: #ffffff; padding: 5px; Arterfak Project presents this 6-font gem inspired from sporty, vintage style that evokes old-school spirit while playing with modern minimalism. pre, background: #ffffff url("img/bg-page.png") no-repeat top center; The website of a beginning coder Designed by Lyubov Kuznetsova and Alexander Tarbeev, Academy is a grunge, serif and display serif font family. } Some fonts specify a separate set of italics characters.