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View this post on Instagram. The little golden retriever is so cute and fluffy! Melissa Nixon, 33, from Amherst, New York, filmed four-month-old Bentley 4 male, and 4 female. Only a few left! That’s a dog who likes to hang out with ducks! They are great with kids and other dogs! Shop the Rover Store today! Lab Retriever are the most popular for they are very playful, kind, and gentle! Hey guys, we got a new puppy! Golden Retriever Dog Loves His Duck Best Friend. Watch what it takes to make this stubborn golden retriever finally move By Brianna Burke. Research, research and more research…and we finally found a litter and went behind our boys backs and picked out our pup. The mother is a Chocolate Lab and the father is a Golden Retriever. News Reader. YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot This 1.5-year-old golden retriever, Boomer, met his 8-week-old baby sister, Bella for the first time and it melted hearts everywhere. Jeeya, a 13-week-old golden retriever, came back from a walk in Alberta, Canada, and chased her lead around her owner's kitchen island while it was still attached to her. The little bunnies have clearly selected Bailey as their new protective figure and Bailey seems to be more than okay with this new development. According to the American Kennel Club charts, the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the U.S., ranking at #3 on their list.So, it won’t surprise you to learn that there are lots of Golden Retriever mixed breeds out there too. But, we decided we were ready and we decided our surprise puppy would be another Golden Retriever. Follow us on tiktok. We have what you are looking for! The mother is a Chocolate Lab and the father is a Golden Retriever. The eight-month-old golden retriever called 'Cake' is seen in trending footage with the twig in his mouth while trying to run towards his owner before sliding on the icy road in Guizhou, China. Lab Retriever are the most popular for they are very playful, kind, and gentle! Stubborn Golden Retriever Refuses To Leave The Park. Bentley the golden retriever puppy puts ‘his’ children on the school bus every morning in adorable routine. WATCH the golden retriever's delightfully disobedient rampage, above. Blogs, RSS, Youtube channels, Podcast, Magazines, etc. Wisteria Ranch English Creme Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale Their mom, Layla (onsite, pictured) and their Father Champ (pictured) are well tempered, gentle dogs, who adore the children. Pick a puppy that you want now! We’ve got a little something for everyone—that is, if you’re a dog, a cat, or a person who loves dogs or cats. Had a great time making this video. Lab Retriever are the most popular for they are very playful, kind, and gentle! Rudy is Barclay’s best friend. e.g. Click the Application. H/T Tastefully Offensive. Products. Watch Bailey Golden Retriever meet Rocky German Shepherd puppy for the first time! This is what the holidays are all about, loving one another and giving back to the ones you love to show your appreciation from them. Pick a puppy that you want now! Hugo the Golden Retriever was filmed by his owner, at home in Whitley Bay. Hey -- if you had a nose that smelled delicious snacks from a mile away, you'd have a hard time resisting, too. Follow us on tiktok. Frankenstein the guinea pig is completely in love with his big sister Pippin, who's a golden retriever. The pooch sat in front of the TV and 'sang' along to an operatic rendition of the Christmas tune by The Three Tenors. To adopt a Golden that you see here, please go to the Golden Treasures Golden Retriever website at This is the adorable moment a golden retriever pup ignores her doggy pool and goes for a swim in a birdbath. Loyal golden retriever 'protects' crying girl as she is being told off by her mother Viral footage purports to show Harry the retriever shielding the two-year-old … Go to Navigation. 14-Year-Old Golden Retriever Visits Next-Door Neighbors Every Day. 3:00. The Golden Retriever is seen as a quintessential American breed due to its popularity in the United States, so it might come as a surprise that the Golden was actually developed in Scotland in the mid-1800s. Read content from different sources in one place. Search this site. The tiny cute puppy was a rescue, and growing up happy with his golden friend. Discover gift ideas for dog lovers (cat lovers too! When the video starts, you see 8-week-old Bella who’s being placed in a big shopping bag to surprise Boomer. The golden retriever even has a nice bow on him as well! Pet products exclusively for Golden Retriever lovers, created by pet people, for pet people, with insights from real dog parents. Paw patrol! Adorable Golden Retriever lab puppies! Subscribe to our Youtube channel. Home. 3:34. Captured in a heart-melting YouTube clip, the tiny bunnies flock to the slightly bamboozled but very affectionate pooch. This is the hilarious moment a two-year-old golden retriever got confused by her owner's puppy-shaped slippers. This golden retriever might not be the most well-behaved dog of the group, but his tail is wagging more for a reason. S2 E10. Search this site. Go to Navigation. They will make a great valentine surprise! This golden retriever gets the surprise of getting puppies Credit: ViralHog. Subscribe to our Youtube channel. MEDIA CONTACT DATABASE. Pricing. link on the menu … Only a few left! A German Shepherd named Rocky! A golden retriever who has 'adopted' a load of bunnies has amassed more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. • Subscribe & turn the notification bell On for Your daily dose of cuteness! Bailey, who lives in Costa del Sol in … Five-year-old Kang Kang had seen his owners wash half of his toys in the day The golden retriever then heads over to the draw and tugs it open before grabbing a second treat to replace the now-eaten snack on the table and positions itself ready for the man's return. But his absolute favorite is a duck named Rudy. This is the sweetest and cutest thing you'll see all day. They will make a great valentine surprise! Search this site. Barclay is a duck-dog. This video will surely make anyone smile, and even more so if you are a pet lover. We were going to pick her up on Christmas eve and surprise them Christmas morning. Subscribe to our Youtube channel. Go to Navigation. Only a few left! These beautiful puppies are so friendly and family loving. My mom lost her amazing blue heeler/ lab mix about six months ago and when she was ready for a new puppy, we planned and finally were able to pull this off. Follow us on tiktok. Eva Chow, 30, said her dog Molly … Pick a puppy that you want now! Way to live it up, buddy. Adorable Golden Retriever lab puppies! Keep up with videos about experiences of owning a golden retriever, golden retriever puppies, funny and silly golden retriever adventure videos and more. These cutest duo going to be best friends forever! Want to secure one? List of Best Golden Retriever Youtube Channels. They will make a great valentine surprise! The wife already feels so much love for her new puppy. Looking for a beautiful, furry friend to surprise your family with for the holidays? They are great with kids and other dogs! Surprising my girlfriend with the puppy she's always wanted. They are great with kids and other dogs! The mother is a Chocolate Lab and the father is a Golden Retriever. 14-year-old golden retriever sneaks out of his house every day to visit his next-door neighbors ️ . 8 pure bred Golden Retriever puppies for sale. Best Animal Friends. Adorable Golden Retriever lab puppies! Furry protective: Golden retriever gets up in the middle of the night to 'guard his toys' after his owner washed them. This extremely distressing footage is of a working Golden Retriever called Buddy having seizures. You know, the thing I have always dreamed about happening. Good boy!

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